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Parents know that when it comes to children, they can find the most ingenious ways to stain or otherwise damage even the highest quality bedding. It is for this reason that many parents opt to buy a child duvet, rather than conventional bedding, like bedspreads or comforters. A duvet is a down comforter, which provides added warmth and comfort due to the high quality feathers used in the core. A duvet is a perfect option for child bedding because not only are they warm and comfortable, but duvet covers are meant to be removed and machine-washed regularly.

A child duvet has quilted sections, creating pockets for the down stuffing. This allows the duvet to remain flat and the down to cover the bed uniformly. The fabric is durable and resistant to stretching, even when a child tosses and turns at night. However, without a duvet cover, the fabric will stain easily and require frequent dry cleaning. With a duvet cover, not only is the duvet protected from accidental spills, dirty hands and feet, and even pet odors, but also minor accidents can be easily corrected by removing the cover and throwing it in the washing machine.

Another wonderful benefit of a child duvet and its cover is the ability to change the look of a child’s bedding simply by changing duvet covers. Young children can have their favorite cartoon characters on a duvet cover when very young. As the child gets older and their interests mature, rather than replacing their bedding, a new cover in a more mature pattern is all that is needed. Covers are secured with buttons and ties, making them easy to remove for washing or to replace with a different style, color, or pattern. Likewise, if a cover becomes stained or overly worn, it can easily be replaced.

A child duvet can provide years of use and comfort, especially those constructed of quality materials and workmanship. Covers provide protection for the duvet, as well as the ability to change the look of a child’s bedding easily. A good quality duvet can be more expensive to purchase initially, compared to comforters and other options. However, their lifespan is far greater than a typical cotton comforter with nylon or polyester filling. As such, the expense over the lifespan of the bedding is far less than lower quality bedding options. Parents can buy a single duvet to last an entire childhood and adolescence, rather than several spreads, comforters, and blankets over the years.