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Duvets have grown in popularity in recent years. These down comforters have been a staple of European homes for centuries, with interest and the fashionable nature of these bed covers waxing and waning as consumer interest shifts. However, recent trends indicate a strong rebirth in these down-filled sensory delights, especially in niche markets like child duvets. Covers for children’s duvets are available from virtually every retailer who sells bedding, providing a strong indication of the increasing interest in down comforters and duvets. Unfortunately, when consumers go looking for children’s duvets and similar bedding choices, it can sometimes be hard to determine what exactly constitutes child bedding.

Many retailers list a variety of options under children’s bedding. For example, searching for a child duvets cover online can yield results for baby bedding, toddler bedding, or traditional child bedding selections. For someone searching for child bedding for a traditional twin sized bed, this can mean sorting through pages of options for younger children before finding a good match. Likewise, accessories can be just as difficult to sort through, since so many retailers lump all children’s bedding together. Especially when it comes to online shopping, without knowing the exact dimensions of duvets and similar covers, it can be easy to order the wrong thing.

In short, measure the bed you need to fit if you are unsure about dimensions, thicknesses and other attributes of child duvets. Cover options and other bedding needs generally list the dimensions somewhere either on the packaging for physical stores and in the item detail area for online stores. Baby bedding fits crib mattress, with dimensions somewhere around 28”x52” for sheets and 32”x32” or longer for comforters and duvets. Toddler beds fit a standard crib mattress, so those dimensions would be the same as baby or crib bedding.

Traditionally, baby and toddler bedding is listed or otherwise identified as such, but there are some retailers who list these items under children’s bedding. Traditional children’s bedding options like child duvets, cover or slips for duvets, bedspreads, and other components are normally understood to fit a standard twin sized mattress. Again, the dimensions can be found either on the packaging when shopping in a physical store, or in the item description area for online retailers. These will normally list the mattress size, such as twin, full, or queen sized. The primary difference being pillow shams and pillowcases, with standard shams and cases measuring 28”x20” and euroshams measuring 26” square.