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When shopping for children’s duvet covers, how do you know the difference between standard, good, or high quality covers? To begin your search, start with the same things you already know about buying top quality sheets. Features such as fabric type and thread count are just as important for duvet covers as they are fine sheets. In the case of children’s bedding, fabric strength is probably even more important, since children can be rougher on their bedding. Strong fabrics include cottons, nylons, and polyester blends. Thread counts, or the number of threads per square inch, should be in the 200-count range for durability.

High thread counts and fabrics with strong fibers should not be the only consideration when shopping for children’s duvet covers. Other factors, such as the buttons and ties used to secure the cover around the duvet should also be considered. Stop and think about how your child typically sleeps, as well as how often they play or roughhouse on their bed. Button closures and ties that are firmly attached and reinforced help to prevent damage and early wear. Eyeholes or loops that secure the buttons in place should likewise have ample reinforced stitching.

Another factor to consider when shopping for children’s duvet covers is whether the child has allergies or other conditions. Children with allergies may have a reaction to the down used to fill duvets. As such, there are covers that can alleviate the occurrence of reactions. These covers have high thread counts, different closure options such as zippers, and in some cases, even reinforced, hypoallergenic linings to prevent contact with feathers. Likewise, many duvets have “down proof” fabric to prevent sticking and poking often associated with feather bedding. There are duvet covers made of similar “down proof” materials that can help children prone to allergic responses to down comforters.

Children’s bedding should always pass the test in terms of durability and stain resistance. Children’s duvet covers are no different in terms of selecting high quality constructed materials and strong components. By selecting strong fabrics, high thread counts, and considering any health needs of the child, your duvet and its cover should last for years to come. As the child matures, the cover used on their duvet can be changed to reflect their changing tastes. However, attention should always be paid to finding the highest quality covers your budget will allow so your investment will stand up to heavy use.