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Decorating a child’s bedroom can be a fun and adventurous proposition for many parents. For a brief period in a child’s life, their parents can relive the fun and adventure of creating a playful space for their child to enjoy. Such endeavors often bring back memories of the parents’ childhood, including favorite colors, themes, and decorating trends of youth. However, from a parent’s perspective, decorating a child’s room and selecting the right bedding is more than just creating a playful haven. Parents can easily spend a great deal on bedding, curtains, window sheers, dust ruffles, throw pillows and area rugs for children. Bed covers are often the first victim of accidents like spilled juice or muddy shoes.

To protect the parents’ investment and extend the life of children bed covers and other accessories, it pays to select items and materials made to withstand even the toughest child. For example, bed covers with stain resistant fibers, machine washable accessories and area rugs, and plastic covers or pads can shield these linens from accidents and stains. For children who use down comforters or duvets as part of their bedding, a duvet cover in a stain resident fabric is a wise investment.

No matter how careful parents are to teach their children about avoiding accidents by not eating or drinking in their rooms, accidents are still bound to happen. Muddy shoes find their way onto the beds of even the most well behaved and careful children. Bed covers made with stain resistant fabrics or treated with nontoxic stain preventing products can make clean up of such accidents easier and less expensive than replacements. All it takes is one muddy shoe or one leaking cup of fruit juice to ruin an entire bedspread, comforter, or duvet. Likewise, overnight accidents can further damage sheets, bed covers, and mattresses.

A small investment in high quality children bed covers, moisture proof mattress covers, and treated bedding accessories not only extends the life of a child’s bedding, but also saves the parents money in the long run. Bedding last longer, with fewer trips to expensive dry cleaners, and less time out of the parents’ day to clean or scrub out stains. When you consider the money and time saved by preventing damage from accidents before they happen, spending a little more for better materials or additional accessories is simply the smart move for parents to make in regards to their child’s room décor and linens.