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Decorating a child’s room is a fun prospect for most parents. Who wouldn’t enjoy dressing up a child’s room in fun, energetic and whimsical colors, themes, and trimmings? Unfortunately, children outgrow themes and characters almost as fast as they outgrow their clothes. While this can be easily addressed by picking neutral paint colors and furnishings that can match virtually any décor choice, certain elements like sheets, comforters, and pillow shams get expensive if you have to buy new on a revolving basis. One solution for making your child’s bedding easier to match changing decors without investing a lot of money is by using a duvet and changing your kids duvet cover to match their new décor.

By using a down comforter or duvet, parents can give their child a warm and inviting option for their bedding, yet keep a degree of versatility not seen with other bedding choices. When a young girl, for example, outgrows fairy princesses and whimsical cartoon characters, her parents can simply strip off the old cover and replace it with a more mature patterned kids duvet cover. A new cover is far less expensive than a completely new bedding set, and depending on the other accessories, may be the only item that needs changing to match a new décor.

When parents select bedding for their children’s room, universal colors such as pink, blue, white, or other solid colors are a good choice for sheets, dust ruffles, and curtains. Choosing universal solid colored accessories allows parents to simply replace their kids duvet cover to match any changes in their child’s tastes, interests, or bedroom design. For example, a boys’ bed with a simple, solid blue dust ruffle and shams can easily compliment various cartoon character bedding, themed duvet covers, throw pillows, and other accessories. When he outgrows his interest in a particular character, cars, rockets, or other themes, the blue accessories will easily match another duvet cover in traditional male patterns.

For those parents who do not wish to indulge too much in a child's changing interests for room décor choices, there are many kids duvet covers that can easily grow along with your child. For example, girls décor and duvet cover choices in pinks, purples, delicate floral patterns, or other girl-friendly choices are easily available. These choices are well suited for girls of all ages. However, even with these choices, the ability to change duvet covers when the child needs or wants a new look for their room is still easy and more affordable than replacing entire bedding sets.