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Choosing a duvet for your child’s bedroom can add a bit of fun and practical European tradition to their bedroom accessories. Children’s duvets are the same as adult duvets in that no matter the actual fabric or trimmings, each duvet is basically a fabric bag filled with down feathers. In the United States, these are often referred to as down comforters. However, duvets have been a staple of households in Europe for almost as long as birds have had feathers. Historically, house matrons sewed large fabric bags and stuffed them with whatever feathers were available. However, today’s duvets normally feature various types and qualities of down feathers.

Today’s children’s duvets, much like their adult counterparts, most often use the soft, flexible, and fluffy down feathers. These feathers are small and found beneath larger, more decorative feathers on ducks, geese, and other birds. These are the feathers that help keep birds warm at high altitudes. As such, they make a perfect filler for duvets and comforters, providing warmth and comfort in even the coldest conditions. Unlike the duvets and down comforters of years past, today’s duvets are made of “down proof” fabrics. These fabrics prevent the poking and pricking so common in older feather blankets and pillows.

With the advent of down proof fabrics and the use of soft down feathers, today’s children’s duvets are comfortable and maintain their fluffiness. Many of the duvets on the market today are quilted to create pockets in which feathers rest. This prevents the feathers from bunching or collecting in certain areas, making older feather blankets hard to flatten out evenly on a bed or while sleeping. These fabric pockets mean your duvet or down comforter will lay flat and provide even coverage, no matter how long it is used or how old it becomes. Provided the quilting stitches hold, your duvet should never bunch up or have bare spots of only fabric layers.

Luxury children’s duvets often use hard to find feathers and premium fabrics to provide added comfort, warmth, and durability. These same feathers and fabrics were highly sought after, even in traditional European times. However, today you can buy duvet covers that provide an added sense of luxury and style to even the least expensive down comforters. These covers slip over the duvet, much like a giant pillow case made especially for such bed covers. They fasten with buttons, zippers, or ties to provide protection from stains or spills while adding versatility in terms of matching room décor.