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Shopping online for bedding for your child’s room can often present with a myriad of choices you never knew existed. Something as simple as a blanket for your child to sleep under means choosing between bedspreads, comforters, blankets, or duvets. If you are unfamiliar with what each one is, it can be difficult to decide, especially since buying online eliminates the ability to touch and feel first. For example, do you know the different between a child comforter and a child duvet? Do you know the difference between a child bedspread and a child quilt?

Quits, whether for children or adults, generally have a thin layer of batting sandwiched between an upper and under layer of fabric. The three layers are held together by stitching in various patterns throughout the cover. Bedspreads are similar to quits, but without the under layer of fabric. The thin batting and top fabric are held together by similarly patterned stitching, but a flat sheet under the bedspread is required to prevent the batting from feeling scratchy. Comforters have the upper and lower layers of fabric, but are filled with much thicker batting, giving them a stuffed appearance. A child duvet, unlike other bedding options, does not have batting or cotton stuffing.

A child duvet is the same as an adult duvet in that a fabric bag is filled with various types of feathers, depending on the quality of the duvet. Higher quality, and therefore more expensive, duvets have higher quality feathers and higher thread counts for the fabric used. Modern duvets feature quilted sections that help keep feathers from sinking to either end of the bag or into the corners. These pockets of feathers help the duvet lay flat on the bed, even after months of use by the toughest of children. Not only do duvets with quilted pockets lie flat, but also cover sleepers evenly to avoid cold spots under the blanket.

Duvets are known for being the warmest of all bed blanket options. They have been used in Europe for centuries to provide a warm, comfortable sleeping environment. However, since most feather-filled bedding must be dry cleaned rather than machine-washed, keeping a child duvet clean can be especially difficult. As such, adding a duvet cover is a must. Duvet covers are fabric slips, much like large pillow cases, that protect the duvet from stains, odors, and minor tears. Duvet covers can be removed and machine washed as needed to keep duvets clean and odor free.