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Whether you are redecorating your child's bedroom or decorating a nursery for the first time, you will be presented with a wide range of different options. This includes the wall decorations, rugs, and bedding. While bedding may seem like a simple purchase, in fact the bed covering alone can consist of comforters, blankets, bedspreads, or duvets. It's helpful to look at all of these options before determining which covering is the right one for your child. A child’s duvet can be a good option because they are fabric bags filled with feathers, making them light, soft, and comfortable. Duvets can then be covered with removable sheets of fabrics to protect the bed covering.

Other options in the bed covering department include quilts, which have a thin layer of netting or batting placed between two other layers of fabric, and comforters, which have an overstuffed appearance due to the cotton stuffing. These can be heavy and burdensome for small children. A child’s duvet is a better choice for many because it is so lightweight. The duvet covers are usually 100% cotton, so they don't scratch like quilts can, and they retain body heat well for colder climates. Once you have determined that a child's duvet is the best option for your bedding, the next step is to choose what type you prefer.

Modern duvets have quilted sections in them that allow the feather stuffing to stay in place. If you choose an older model of a child’s duvet, it may allow the feathers to bunch up in corners which can be uncomfortable. It's worth looking for a newer model that has the stitching in place to prevent this, because they cover children more evenly and keep them warm. You can look for duvets in a variety of sizes, that are specifically manufactured for children's beds. It's best to choose one or more duvet covers to prevent the duvet from getting stained or spilled on.

These child’s duvet covers are fabric slips, which are like large pillow cases. They can be removed and most are machine washable. These will help ensure that your child's duvet has the longest shelf life, so that you will not need to keep replacing it until they have outgrown it. Duvet covers are available in a wide range of different patterns, colors, and materials, but most are cotton. Neon or primary colors can be fun for small children, and other patterns can help spark their imagination.