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Your child's sleeping environment often holds remnants of the day.  This can include dirt from the playground at school or flu virus germs from his best friend.  To keep your child's sleeping environment healthy and safe, their bedding should be washed regularly.  Because the most popular bed coverings for children are fluffy comforters, this can be difficult.  The puffy nature of the comforter makes it comfortable and snuggly.  It also hides imperfections when kids are learning to make the bed.  However, this fluffiness can also make washing in a standard washing machine a pain.  A great solution comes in the form of our children duvet covers. 


Children duvet covers are basically pockets that fit snugly over comforters, in the standard sizes used on beds for children (twin, full, and queen).  This slip cover for a bedspread slides over your existing comforter or duvet and slips closed at the bottom on the back of the duvet cover.  This helps to keep out dirt, germs, and dust mites that create an unhealthy atmosphere for sleeping.  A duvet cover's essential purpose is to keep the comforter clean, by making it easy for parents to slip off the cover regularly for laundering. 


However, children duvet covers are not simply functional.  They can also help to transform the look of your child's room with bright or interesting prints and patterns.  At Child Duvet, our covers are planned with the common loves of children in mind, like sports, dance, dinosaurs, space, animals, and more.  In fact, we create over twenty child-friendly designs so your child's bed is not only healthy but also makes them smile.  Instead of trendy television characters that go in and out of style every few minutes, our designs are classic, kid-friendly designs that stand the test of time.  They are also completely reversible to a solid color that goes along with the pattern, so you can change up the look of your child's room whenever you want.


Clean, comfortable, and child-friendly, our children duvet covers are luxury bedding for kids.  We create them with 100% cotton and durable, high quality construction techniques.  Our customers trust us to provide the best in quality and design for their greatest treasures, their children.  A new bedroom look starts with the bed and spreads from there.  Simply find the design that is suited to your child's preferences and interests in our online catalog of over twenty unique designs, and keep your child happy and healthy.