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It seems that kids today are more and more dependent on entertainment for fun, rather than creating their own fun.  In this age of dying imaginations, many parents and grandparents are choosing to return to the use of simple, old-fashioned toys and games for the special young ones in their lives.  They want to help their kids exercise their imaginations with pretend play.  One great way to fuel a child's imagination is through environment.  If you can create a bedroom which leads easily to pretending and imagined adventures, your child may naturally begin to flex those muscles, building up a great imagination.    At Child Duvet, our children's duvets are designed to bring out the best in your children through their bedroom environment.

The patterns on our children's duvets are not rehashed television or video game characters.  Our duvet covers are made from 100% cotton fabric with patterns that promote adventure, a love of sports, or just a beautiful backdrop for playing with dolls.  Whether your child leans toward becoming an astronaut or a cowgirl, there is a duvet cover in our collection for him or her.  We carry over twenty designs geared toward children.  Some are more literal interpretations of common child interests, like dinosaurs, ballet, animals, etc., while others are patterns like paisleys and animal prints that are fun and attractive.  These luxury duvet covers are the perfect foundational piece for creating a room that invites your child to independent and creative play, as well as a comfortable night's sleep. 

Our children's duvets are made from high quality, 100% cotton.  We use the best materials and construct our duvet covers with durable stitching and methods.  Duvet covers are great for children's bedrooms because, you can get the fluffy bedding that most kids love to sleep in, but the covers are removed easily for washing in standard washing machines.  No more pushing and shoving an unwieldy comforter into a washing machine.  Our duvet covers simply unzip and slip off the comforter to be tossed into the washing machine.  

After you have decided on the duvet cover for your child's room, you can create a room that is a childhood wonderland.  Choose paint that coordinates with the duvet.  Add wall décor that promotes imagination, like maps, ribbons, interactive items (such as a ballet bar or artificial plants that extend from the wall), and more. Give your imagination a workout as you plan this space that will build your child's personality and playtime wonder.  Our children's duvets are a great place to start.