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We value children.  This is the primary reason we believe in providing luxury bedding in themes which are attractive to kids and please parents as well.  Our designs, materials, and construction techniques are all aimed at creating the ideal kid's duvet cover options for our discerning clients.  With a number of prints available, you can find the duvet cover that represents your child's favorite things or design preferences.  At Child Duvets, we are passionate about providing our customers with bedding that has three main characteristics: high quality, versatility, and child-friendly design.

Our high quality kid's duvet cover construction starts with the best.  We only use 100% cotton in our duvet covers.  Our stitching is durable, so our duvet covers will last, even when used by a real kid.  Each duvet cover has a lapped zipper at the bottom of the cover on the back side, so it can be slipped over a comforter or duvet and securely closed.  The duvet cover remains extremely comfortable, since the zipper closure is enclosed in fabric.  We also make our duvet covers completely reversible.  They have a patterned side and a coordinating solid side.  Each cover is created to fit the standard sizes of twin, full, and queen comforters, so it's easy to find the size you need.

The versatility of our duvet covers extends the life and usability of these luxury bedding items.  Because each of our kid's duvet cover choices is reversible, your children will not grow tired of it as quickly as with a standard comforter.  In addition, you can use them for different children or in a guest room on the solid side once your child has outgrown the pattern they were once in love with.  Our designs are classically kid-friendly, instead of centering on a trendy, fleeting character or television program.  Interests such as ballet and soccer are usually pursued throughout childhood, making our duvet covers stay favorites for longer than other children's bedding options.

The thought we put into the child-friendliness of our bedding does not just include our great prints and patterns.  It also includes the actual design of a kid's duvet cover.  As opposed to traditionally fluffy comforters, our duvet covers can be removed and washed easily in a standard-sized washing machine.  We know that kids are notorious for passing on dirt and germs.  Every child gets sick once and a while.  It is reassuring to know that you can keep your child's bed clean and healthy with ease.  Our kid-friendly prints, like African Safari and Rhinestone Cowgirl, are a big hit with kids, while our construction and design keeps parents happy.