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Duvet covers, sometimes called comforter covers, are similar to pillowcases, used to cover and protect duvets, quilts or comforters. Duvet covers are useful bedroom staples commonly used in children`s rooms. Their popularity shouldn`t come as a surprise since they offer so many benefits.


Since you can slide duvet covers over your child`s existing comforter, you can use them to instantly change the look and style of the room. Kids` tastes change so quickly, so it`s good to have bedding that you can easily change right along with them.

Reversible duvet covers with coordinating colors and patterns are particularly handy. All you have to do is flip the cover over and you have an entirely different look.

Cost Effective

Duvet covers save you money by protecting pricey duvets or comforters from dirty handprints and all kinds of stains. You won`t have to replace the duvet filling very often.

Using duvet covers to change the look in your child`s room is much more cost effective than buying a new comforter every time their tastes change. In addition, a reversible duvet cover is like getting two different looks for the price of one.

Easy to Use

You parents will be delighted with just how easy duvet covers are to maintain. Instead of washing your child`s comforter, you just take the duvet cover off the filler and throw the cover into the washing machine with the pillowcases and sheets.


You can easily change the duvet filler to keep your child comfortable. Simply slide the cover over a thicker comforter in the winter and a thinner duvet for the summer months.


Duvet covers are terrific for children who suffer from allergies or sensitive skin. Simply remove and wash the comforter cover to decrease your child`s exposure to dust and other allergens.

Tips for Selecting a Child`s Reversible Duvet Cover

When purchasing a reversible duvet cover, make sure that both sides will suit your child`s taste. If you want to really coordinate your child`s bedding, find a reversible duvet cover that comes as part of a bedding set with matching pillowcases, bed skirt and sheets.

Always read the washing instructions before buying a duvet cover. Although most children`s duvet covers are machine washable, a few fabrics need to be dry-cleaned.

Select a duvet cover with simple tie closures if it is going on a toddler`s bed. Avoid the potential choking hazard of button closures since toddlers explore their environments by sticking everything in their mouths.

Purchase a comforter cover with buttons or ties for older kids. Those closures are the easiest to maneuver.

Choose a reversible duvet cover made of cotton or a cotton-polyester blend. Those materials are the easiest to wash and maintain.

Try to purchase a duvet cover about two or three inches larger than the filler. Most covers shrink just a little bit during the first few washes.

Check the thread count before buying a duvet cover. In general, the higher the thread count, the more durable the fabric.

Using a reversible duvet cover in your child`s room gives you many benefits and two different styling options.