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Do you have an interest in learning how to sew or teaching your child to sew? An easy beginner project that can have a tremendous value for your child is sewing a kids duvet cover. Duvet covers slip over down comforters to protect the outer fabric from stains and the inner feather filling from odors. They are easy to design and customize, especially for the beginner. Such a project is a perfect parent-child sewing activity that can liven up their room at the same time. You don’t even need a pattern to get started.

If you child already has a down comforter or duvet, sewing a kids duvet cover will only require a little fabric, a few buttons, and some patience. You can measure either the actual duvet, or another duvet cover if you have one to get the dimensions you will need. Once you have your dimensions, you can find and purchase the fabric of your choice from which to make your new duvet cover. Most bulk fabric from sewing or crafting stores measures 42” – 45” wide, which will fit most standard duvets. You will need to purchase enough to cover the duvet front and back, with a little extra.

Once you have selected the fabric that best matches your child’s room décor and purchased adequate amounts, you are ready to begin the very simple process of sewing your child’s new kids duvet cover. Cut the fabric so that you have two equal lengths long enough and wide enough to cover the length and width of your duvet. If your fabric is too narrow for the duvet, you will need to sew two panels together lengthwise to get enough width. When you are ready to sew together the top and bottom panels, make sure you face the right sides of your fabric together. These are the sides that will eventually face out when on the duvet.

Once you have the panels with right sides facing each other, pin the two long sides and one end together. Stitch along the bottom first, and then the two long sides, leaving approximately 8-10 inches at the top for a flap. Be sure stitch at least a quarter inch in from the fabric ends to prevent fraying. At the unstitched end, fold the fabric ends back and stitch them down. This provides a clean edge at the flap. Attach your chosen buttons, loops, ties, or other fasteners, slip your new cover over the duvet to test fit and adjust as needed. Now enjoy your new kids duvet cover!